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We Are Here To Serve You

Premier Claims is a fully licensed and bonded public adjusting firm based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Licensed through each individual state’s Department of Insurance, we provide expert assistance to policyholders throughout the claim process. While enabling maximum financial compensation, we exceed the industry standards set by NAPIA, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.

Across the country, we work with individual homeowners, property management companies, small businesses, and corporations alike. Unlike the majority of public adjusting companies, who are licensed in one or two states, we work in the majority of states and will soon be licensed throughout the continental US. Our extensive work in areas affected by natural disasters has led to this plethora of licensing, thus allowing us to better assist businesses and property managers who hold insurance policies in various states.

As insurance carrier’s profits continue to shrink, the need for advocating on behalf of policyholders continues grow. Insurance carriers hold significant leverage over their insureds, so Premier Claims levels the playing field with equivalent validity. Insurance carriers hire expert adjusters to represent their best interests. Policyholders should do the same.

We work in all 50 US states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands.