Paige Baughman

Adjusting Administrator

Paige Baughman is a versatile professional, who wears multiple hats as an adjusting administrator, devoted mom, and small business owner. Her organizational understanding and sharp eye for efficiency shine in her role as an Adjusting Administrator. She enjoys challenging tasks and is always eager to learn something new, regardless of what it may be.

As a loving mom, Paige balances her career with her family life, showcasing her unwavering commitment and exceptional time management skills. Paige is the glue of her family, embodying the values of dedication and love. In her spare time, you will find Paige designing and crafting things for her small business. As well as enjoying time with her large family.

With a strong work ethic, a nurturing heart, and entrepreneurial flair, Paige represents the modern, accomplished professional, excelling in all aspects of her life.

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