Sara Merchen

Sales Development Representative & Licensed Public Adjuster

Sara Merchen, a Business Development Representative at Premier Claims, boasts a diverse career journey. Originating in medical staffing, she navigated from billing to the pinnacle of Account Management, showcasing her adaptability and client-focused approach.

Armed with a degree in Criminal Justice, Sara blends analytical thinking with a people-first mindset. Her role as a licensed Public Adjuster mirrors her commitment to problem-solving and client satisfaction.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sara is a dedicated “people pleaser,” extending her enthusiasm for assistance to both colleagues and clients. Her genuine warmth and customer-centric ethos make her an indispensable team member.

Outside of work, Sara indulges in varied interests. A sports enthusiast, she relishes live events, sports at home, and the lively atmosphere of concerts and movies. As an animal lover with three dogs and two cats, Sara’s compassion extends to her furry family.

Hailing from Omaha, NE, Sara recently discovered a passion for travel, with Vegas and New York topping her list. Eager to explore more countries in the future, she approaches life with curiosity and openness.

A proud parent to a son, Sara maintains strong bonds with her parents, cherishing quality time together. Her genuine warmth, coupled with a strong work ethic, positions Sara as an invaluable professional and a delightful presence in any setting.

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