Innovative Strategies: Add Value with No Cost Risk Management

2020-04-17T07:40:33-04:00 September 23rd, 2019|

One of the biggest challenges faced by policyholders, and their public adjusters handling their claims, is proving pre-damage condition of a property to the insurance carrier. Insurance adjusters, at the end of the day, are not hired by insurance carriers to overpay insureds nor to absolutely make sure every line item is not only accounted for, but paid for at an accurate and fair price.  They also aren’t there to make sure an insured receives a claim payment at all – sometimes, denials are part of an insurance adjuster’s quota!

Because it’s difficult to prove that a shingle was not previously damaged when a new hail or wind loss occurs, we recommend to our clients and contractors to participate in what we call our No Cost Risk Management program:

  • Document the property and its pre-loss condition at least yearly.
  • Immediately re-inspect and document the property following a loss.

While the process can be more detailed than those two steps, it is also just that simple. We recommend and train this this to our contractor clients so they can sell add value not only to their business, but to their clients, and ultimately to the insurance claim. You can learn more about the No Cost Risk Management program here:

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