Winter is Coming … Seven Tips to Prep Your Home or Building for Seasonal Changes

2020-04-17T07:40:15-04:00 September 23rd, 2019|

We may hate to admit it, but summer is over – and with fall’s arrival, winter is right around the corner! Here are some basic tips to ensure your home or buildings are properly prepared for the upcoming seasons to avoid damage from freeze, ice damming, or snowpack. All of these prepare buildings to ensure any claim filed for damage isn’t denied due to neglect or a failure to reasonably maintain a property.

  1. Clean gutters – leaves, dirt, and other debris in the gutters can lead to blocked drainage, resulting in heavy gutters. This can cause water build up, mold, and possibly even damaged or falling gutters.
  2. Clear debris off the roof – allowing debris to remain on the roof allows for potential water damming or even mold spots to grow, causing the roof’s integrity to be compromised. This can result in a long term leak issue.
  3. Replace sealant and caulking – sealing cracks in windows or other crevices ensures moisture won’t enter the building to cause water and mold damage.
  4. Check your insulation – poor insulation can result in a loss of heat, or allowing cold to permeate the roof and build up ice in attics and in framework.
  5. If you won’t be using the building for an extended amount of time, properly winterize the pipes and heating system – failing to properly winterize pipes and heating systems can result in extensive damage to property through both damaged pipes and the resulting water loss in the surrounding areas.
  6. Ensure nearby trees and bushes are trimmed – wind and storms or heavy snowfall can cause branches to break and damage roofs and siding.
  7. Contact Premier Claims or one of our preferred contractors for a roof inspection – ensuring your roof is inspected before the winter can benefit you in two ways! First, by ensuring any damage to the roof is caught before the storm, and second, by documenting a roof in a pre-loss condition for evidence against the carrier through any claim.

Contact Premier Claims today for a FREE inspection and documentation of your property, free claim and policy review, or tips on how you can be ready for anything life – or the weather – may throw your way.