Alaina Bailey

Paralegal & Licensed Public Adjuster

Alaina Bailey’s journey began in the Cornhusker State’s rural charm of Blair, Nebraska. Now she resides in the bustling world of legal expertise. Her life has been a captivating blend of family, education, and a burning passion for the legal realm. With a background in fashion marketing, she’s an invaluable asset at Premier Claims, discovering her true calling in litigation.

Let’s delve into her story and learn more about the person behind the impressive career.

Alaina, born and raised in Blair, Nebraska, embodies the spirit of the heartland. In her close community, she learned hard work, community support, and family bonds, shaping her life’s values today. Blair may be a small town, but it’s a place rich in character and the kind of values that shape exceptional individuals.

After graduating from Blair High School, she set her sights on the University of Nebraska Lincoln. There, she earned a degree in fashion merchandising and a minor in marketing. Her academic journey’s dedication and relentless pursuit of knowledge have remained steadfast in her career.

Yet, life has a way of revealing our true passions, even when we’re on a different path. While her fashion background was promising, she discovered that her heart had always belonged to the legal field. This revelation led her to a pivotal moment in her career, as she made the brave decision to transition into a legal profession.

Before joining Premier Claims, she honed her legal skills as a legal assistant at a title insurance company. For three years, she immersed herself in the intricacies of legal processes and found her niche in the world of litigation. This experience would prove invaluable as she embarked on her journey with Premier Claims.

At Premier Claims, Alaina Bailey found the perfect platform to expand her legal knowledge and foster personal growth. Her dedication and commitment to excellence quickly earned her a reputation as a trusted and skilled in litigation. She continues to be an integral part of the Premier Claims team, playing a vital role in their legal operations.

But Alaina’s story is not just about her career; it’s also about her beautiful family and the life she’s built in her beloved hometown. Happily married to a law enforcement officer, his dedication to public service mirrors her commitment to her profession. Together, they have a loving family, including a daughter in middle school, a son in preschool, and a loyal sheepadoodle.

In addition to her professional and family commitments, Alaina is a woman of diverse interests and passions. She enjoys the peace of a morning run, where she can reflect and recharge for the day ahead. Her culinary curiosity leads her to experiment with new recipes, infusing her kitchen with creativity and flavor. She also finds fulfillment in serving her local church community, where she contributes her time and talents to various initiatives. As a devoted mother, she actively participates in her children’s activities, always striving to be present and engaged in their lives.

Her life is a testament to the idea that passion, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s true calling can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding journey. From Blair, Nebraska, to Premier Claims, she embraces opportunities while staying true to her roots and defining values. Thriving in her career and cherishing family, Alaina Bailey inspires us, proving dreams are attainable regardless of one’s starting point.

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