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In a world of intricate property claims, your HOA or COA claim deserves an adept partner. At Premier Claims, we demystify the claims pathway, ensuring your community is well-supported in times of need.

Navigating HOA & COA Claims 

Homeowners and Condo Associations face unique challenges when dealing with insurance claims. Between navigating the maze of various policies, understanding the shared responsibilities, and ensuring that individual unit owners are adequately covered, the process can quickly become overwhelming. Mistakes or oversights can lead to missed opportunities, undervalued claims, or prolonged settlements.

This is where the role of a public adjuster becomes crucial. Our team brings clarity to this intricate landscape, ensuring that claims are handled correctly, that potential pitfalls are avoided, and that the community receives the full value it is entitled to, without unnecessary delays.

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Public Adjuster Benefits for Associations

  1. Expert Guidance: Benefit from specialized knowledge tailored for HOAs & COAs.
  2. Efficiency: Manage the claims process smoothly, ensuring all details are covered.
  3. Detailed Documentation: Maintain clear records that support the claim’s value.
  4. Fair Claim Value: Make sure your association receives the right compensation.
  5. Peace of Mind: Work with someone who has your community’s interests at heart.
  6. Clear Communication: Understand every step of the process with consistent updates and explanations.


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Navigating Condo Coverage:

Individual vs. Master Policies

Condominium living brings with it a unique insurance framework that can be a tad complex. Fundamentally, there are two types of insurance policies to consider: Individual & Master. Given the overlap and potential gaps between these two policies, navigating a claim can be a challenge. A public adjuster’s expertise ensures that no entitlement goes overlooked, bridging the gaps between individual and master policies. The intricacies of each policy require a keen eye and thorough understanding, qualities intrinsic to an experienced public adjuster. By partnering with Premier Claims, condo owners and associations can rest assured that they are not only getting the most out of their policies, but also that they are complying with the varied and nuanced terms that each policy presents. Learn more in our article: Difference Between an Individual Condo Insurance Policy and a Master Insurance Policy

Individual Policy

This is purchased by the individual condo owner and typically covers personal property, liability, and any parts of the unit that aren’t covered by the association’s policy. Depending on the specifics, it can also cover improvements or customizations made to the unit. The policy form and the extent of coverage can vary based on what the master policy insures.

Master Policy

Managed by the condo association, this policy primarily protects the common areas of the condominium – think hallways, elevators, and amenities like pools and fitness centers. It also extends to the building’s exterior and other structural components. There are different forms of master policies, with some covering just the basic building elements (walls-out) and others extending into individual units (all-inclusive).


Questions on HOA & COA Claims?

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We understand that HOA and COA claims can be intricate and, at times, perplexing. If you find yourself with questions or facing challenges in your claim journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out. At Premier Claims, we’re dedicated to providing clarity, support, and expert advice for homeowners and associations alike. Your peace of mind is paramount to us, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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