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Insurance claims are complicated. Our team of experts advocate on your behalf during each step of the claim process and utilize industry leading resources to back up your claim.


Our Claim Process to Your Peace of Mind

At the heart of our services, we’re dedicated to surpassing industry standards by incorporating innovation, technology, and a meticulous claim management process. Our six-step process is committed to delivering unparalleled results, safeguarding your interests at every stage.

Certain states may have regulations that determine the services a public adjuster may provide. Our process and services we are able to provide will be based on the state regulations. To learn more, visit our Public Adjuster Legal Disclaimer.

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We start the claim process by submitting a Letter of Representation to your insurance carrier. Our team then undertakes a comprehensive review of all existing documentation, such as your insurance policy, recent estimates, and any associated reports. This ensures that we fully understand the landscape before embarking on the claims process.

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With the aid of cutting-edge technology and our seasoned inspectors, we conduct an impartial evaluation of the property damage. This isn’t a cursory inspection. We delve into the details, cross-referencing findings with your policy coverage to ensure nothing is missed or misunderstood.



Our skilled team of certified estimators and public adjusters pull together a comprehensive estimate of your loss. We consider every angle, every detail, working to build a solid and fair representation of the losses incurred.



The public adjuster assigned to your claim takes charge of all communication with the insurance carrier. Backed by robust evidence and a thorough understanding of your situation, they’re primed to negotiate for the most advantageous and fair settlement possible.

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Building & Closing

When an agreeable settlement is reached, and the contractor is on board with the proposed resolution, repair work commences. Upon completion, our team expertly handles all the necessary paperwork, ensuring any remaining funds are appropriately disbursed to the required parties.

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Our support doesn’t end with a closed claim. We provide ongoing support and surveillance of your assets. In the event of a future storm potentially impacting your property, we’ll alert you promptly and accelerate the claims process to mitigate further stress or damage.

Our Process

Continued Monitoring

When you collaborate with Premier Claims, our commitment to your property extends far beyond the point of restoration. Our dedicated team continuously and remotely monitors your property, providing an extra layer of protection and vigilance. This persistent care means that if a new storm were to affect your area, we are immediately alerted and prepared to act. Our proactive approach involves scheduling an inspection, collecting all essential documents, and preparing the potential claim documentation on your behalf, ensuring that you have minimal disruptions. This preparation comes into effect should your property experience new damage, letting you focus on other crucial matters. We see our relationship with you as a long-term partnership, aiming to alleviate the stress associated with property damage and claim procedures.

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Our Process

Nationwide Coverage

Our team of insurance claim experts, licensed across the United States, are committed to providing exceptional service and comprehensive support throughout your insurance claim journey. We leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of the claims process to effectively represent your interests. As your trusted advocate, we strive for the most favorable outcomes, ensuring that your insurance claims are handled with utmost professionalism and care. Explore a partnership with us and experience the difference of expert representation in your insurance claim process.

Laws regulating public adjusters vary by each state. Click here for a full list of services offered in each state.


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