Amanda Moberg

Junior Desk Adjuster & Licensed Public Adjuster

Amanda Moberg, a seasoned professional with a passion for hospitality and client relations, boasts an impressive background as a restaurant general manager and client service specialist. With an innate flair for creating exceptional experiences, Amanda has left a mark in both the culinary and customer service industries.

As a restaurant general manager, Amanda exhibited a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. While managing diverse teams, Amanda successfully orchestrated daily operations, ensuring seamless coordination from the kitchen to the front-of-house. Their strategic vision and adept decision-making skills led to streamlined processes, heightened efficiency, and increased profitability.

While in the role of a restaurant general manager, Amanda also demonstrated a strong dedication to delivering unparalleled guest satisfaction. She took a hands-on approach to guest interactions, personally ensuring that each customer’s dining experience was nothing short of exceptional. This attention to detail and personalized service garnered a loyal clientele and earned the establishment glowing reviews.

In addition to the culinary realm, Amanda has a proven track record as a client service specialist, elevating the customer experience across diverse industries. Armed with outstanding communication skills and an empathetic demeanor, she skillfully navigated complex client inquiries and concerns, leaving clients feeling heard and valued. Amandas ability to build strong, lasting relationships fostered trust and loyalty, contributing to increased customer retention and business growth.

During her career journey, Amanda has garnered praise for her adeptness in navigating dynamic environments and industry shifts. Her steadfast commitment to surpassing expectations and fostering meaningful connections with team members and clients has been pivotal to her success. Additionally, as a Client Service Specialist, Amanda adeptly managed intricate challenges, consistently exceeding expectations and leaving a trail of contented clients. Furthermore, this role honed her analytical acumen and deepened her dedication to delivering exceptional care and support to clients.

In the pursuit of broader horizons, Amanda found her true calling as a Public Adjuster. Furthermore, with the invaluable experiences from her past roles, she now stands as a tenacious advocate for individuals and businesses navigating the complexities of insurance claims. Her skill in assessing damages, negotiating with insurers, and offering compassionate guidance solidifies her as a trusted champion for justice.

Amanda’s life is enriched by her family, bringing her profound joy as a doting aunt to her nieces and nephews. She also finds solace and inspiration in the outdoors, whether camping beneath the stars or embracing the tranquility of nature. Fueled by curiosity to explore diverse cultures and connect with people, she envisions a future of globetrotting adventures. Her bucket list mirrors her adventurous spirit: exploring remote corners, embracing natural wonders, and savoring unique destinations worldwide.

With an impressive career spanning both the restaurant and customer service sectors, Amanda Moberg continues to be a driving force in delivering exceptional experiences and setting new standards of excellence in every endeavor she undertakes.


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