Bailey Wilson

Business Development Representative

Bailey Wilson, a native of Omaha, NE, was raised in a household that instilled values of dedication and service. Her father’s role as a law enforcement officer and her mother’s career in the insurance industry provided a unique blend of perspectives that shaped her character. After graduating from High School, Bailey pursued a higher education. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where her commitment to academic excellence became evident.

A natural communicator, Bailey discovered her passion for engaging with people during her various academic pursuits and early professional experiences. Unafraid to start at the entry level, she thrived in proving herself and consistently aimed for the top in her endeavors. Bailey found fulfillment in industries that rewarded her performance and recognized her dedication.

Bailey Wilson stands out with a unique combination of organizational mastery and exceptional relationship-building skills. Her meticulous planning ensures projects surpass expectations, highlighting her efficiency and attention to detail. Bailey has adept organizational skills coupled with a passion for personal connections. This contributes to her success in both her professional and personal life.

On a personal level, Bailey takes immense pride in being a single mother to her daughter, Kamari, affectionately known as Kam. Kamari is not just her daughter but the driving force and purpose behind Bailey’s ambitions. This responsibility fuels Bailey’s determination to be a positive influence in both her personal life and the business world.

Professionally, Bailey has discovered a deep passion in her role at Premier Claims. She finds genuine excitement in each opportunity to be of service, viewing challenges as chances to excel. Bailey Wilson’s life is a testament to her unwavering commitment to growth, guided by her values, and inspired by the love and purpose found in her role as a dedicated mother.

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