Bree Bain

Director of Marketing

As a Navy Veteran, Bree Bain brings an array of skills and posses a unique perspective that challenges the status quo and embraces innovation. In 2014, Bain left her military career and began utilizing her versatility in the marketing field for the commercial real estate industry. Almost immediately, she learned that she highly enjoys the complexity and intricacies of commercial real estate, and more so the fulfillment gained in aiding owners & investors with their assets.

Throughout her tenure in the commercial real estate industry, Bree worked with national owners & developers in establishing flexible, innovative and lucrative commercial assets for their portfolio. After fully understanding the greater impact the public adjusting industry was doing for commercial owners & investors, Bree jumped at the opportunity to join the Premier Claims team in 2022 as the Director of Marketing.

Encouraging her team to try the impossible, embracing failure as a stepping stone to achieve success, and empowering the team with confidence and the tools to reach goals, Bree Bain has become an asset within the company. Aside from her professional career, Bree enjoys spending time with her daughter and focusing her volunteer efforts for cancer research in her late husband’s memory.


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