Devon Wells

Sales Support Specialist & Licensed Public Adjuster

Devon Wells serves as a Sales Support Specialist at Premier Claims. She plays a vital role in empowering the sales team. Providing crucial training, routing inbound leads, and fostering collaboration across departments are key aspects of her responsibilities. With a rich background spanning seven years in tech sales and holding a valid Public Adjusting license, Devon brings a distinct skill set to the table.

Hailing from Omaha, NE, Devon possesses a deep-rooted connection to the community that Premier Claims proudly serves. Beyond professional endeavors, family is paramount, with a beloved spouse, two feline companions, and a faithful canine friend bringing joy to each day.

Outside of the workplace, Devon thrives on diverse interests, from avidly following WWE to honing crafting skills, hitting the gym, and relishing the wit of ‘The Office.’ Baking and immersing in the captivating world of video games are cherished pastimes.

Believing in the enrichment that diverse interests bring to client interactions, Devon infuses every engagement with a blend of expertise, empathy, and unwavering dedication. At Premier Claims, they ensure that each client receives the personalized support and attention they rightfully deserve.

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