Elizabeth Goodrich

Director of Process Improvement & Licensed Public Adjuster

Elizabeth Goodrich has been in the Public Adjusting industry since 2013 and holds 44 Public Adjuster licenses. She has experience in nearly all areas of the business, including direct negotiations with insurance carriers, client management, operations, and marketing. This background, mixed with an intuitive strength in technology and automation, has resulted in her discovering her career passion. She now leads a team focused on process efficiency, automation, and technological growth.

Elizabeth has been with Premier Claims since January of 2019, after moving her life and career from San Diego, California. She has affected and influenced nearly every facet of the business at Premier Claims. This includes, but is not limited to, being heavily involved in the training and nurturing of various teams. Elizabeth takes a unique perspective by applying her industry knowledge with the needs and goals of those working at and with Premier Claims to implement innovative and exciting change in the scope and reach of technology. Her goal is to design and build simple solutions people love.

At her core, Elizabeth Goodrich finds fulfillment and joy in working with purpose, passion, and wholeheartedness to ensure she is positively impacting the lives of those around her, both personally and professionally.

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