Frankie Hass

Associate Counsel

Associate Attorney, Frankie Hass, has routed a career in academic excellence, legal proficiency, and a deep commitment to community service. Born with a passion for justice and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Frankie’s journey goes through the realms of law, government, and advocacy, culminating in her role within Premier Claims, LLC.

Frankie thrives on collaboration and actively seeks opportunities to work with other to address complex challenges. She finds fulfillment in navigating the intricacies of the public adjusting landscape. Being an adept problem solver, she plays a vital role in contributing to Premier’s ability to champion the rights of those they serve.

After graduating from Midland University, Frankie taught English studies through Veterans Upward Bound, a program dedicated to developing the personal potential of U.S. military veterans. Frankie went back to college and earned a Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law while concurrently acquiring a Master of Science in Government Organization and Leadership. This dual expertise uniquely positions Frankie to navigate the elaborate intersection of law and governance.

Post-graduation, Frankie’s legal acumen was honed during two years of criminal defense work. She gained invaluable experience working in the legal system. This background not only sharpened Frankie’s litigation skills but also deepened her understanding of the challenges faced by individuals within the criminal justice system—an understanding that shapes her perspective in her current role at Premier Claims.

Outside of the legal sphere, Frankie finds joy in do-it-yourself projects and reading classic literature. Frankie harbors a deep love for animals, providing a well-rounded glimpse into her character. In her free time, she derives energy and fulfillment from engaging in meaningful conversations with others, making her a true people person. Frankie cherishes moments spent hanging out with her fiancée Will and her affectionate, mixed terrier, Gary. Striking a balance between professional rigor and a rich personal life, Frankie is shaped by purpose, excellence, and a commitment to others.

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