Hannah Dolan

Account Manager & Licensed Public Adjuster

Hannah Dolan is a dynamic and enthusiastic Account Manager at Premier Claims, a position she embraced wholeheartedly after starting her journey with the company as a Sales Admin in February of 2023. Eager to make a difference in the lives of clients, Hannah’s genuine passion for developing relationships propelled her to the role of an Account Manager just two months later, in April of 2023.

Hailing from the charming town of North Platte, NE, Hannah is a devoted mother of two kids who fuel her ambition to excel in her professional and personal life. Her love for traveling, particularly to the captivating landscapes of Texas, has helped shape her appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives, an essential trait in her role as an Account Manager.

When not delving into her work or exploring new territories, Hannah cherishes spending quality time with her friends and family, cherishing the joy and laughter that accompany these precious moments. Her outgoing and active nature draws her outdoors, where she can be found engaging in various activities, whether it’s hiking on scenic trails, cycling through city paths, or indulging in winter sports such as snowboarding.

Hannah’s adventurous spirit is not only evident in her hobbies but also in her professional journey. Prior to joining Premier Claims, she gained invaluable experience working at a brewery. This experience has equipped her with the skills of adept multitasking and mastering the art of relationship building. As an Account Manager, these skills come in handy as she manages a diverse portfolio of clients, ensuring their needs are met, and building lasting partnerships that go beyond the business realm.

Her dedication to staying busy, coupled with her passion for trying new things, drives Hannah to continuously learn and grow in her role. Her open-mindedness and adaptability make her an excellent problem solver, allowing her to cater to the unique requirements of each client and provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Since her move to Omaha, NE, Hannah has embraced the vibrant energy of the city, thriving in its fast-paced environment while maintaining her core values of family, adventure, and friendship. Her positivity and boundless enthusiasm leave a lasting impression on her colleagues and clients alike, making her an invaluable asset to the Premier Claims team. With her friendly demeanor and passion for helping others, Hannah Dolan continues to excel in her role as an Account Manager and looks forward to forging more meaningful connections and creating memorable experiences for her clients in the future.

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