Jay Collins

Business Development Manager

Growing up in southwest Iowa, Jay Collins was instilled with a strong work ethic, integrity, and a commitment to community. These values seamlessly align with Premier Claims’ dedication to client advocacy.

From a young age, he immersed himself in sports, excelling in baseball, football, track, and wrestling. His desire for winning and passion for competition led him to excel in his career.  Additionally, Jay Collins became a coach in these sports. Armored with an extremely high-level background in wrestling he moved beyond traditional sports. With an insatiable appetite for competing, he moved to Jujitsu and eventually wound up spending 12 years in an MMA arena.

Golf is his new passion and addiction. It’s more than a game for him; He doesn’t ever win and he has an unbelievable drive with the determination to get better. The precision, focus, and strategic thinking required on the golf course mirror the skills essential in navigating complex claims.

Joining Premier Claims isn’t just a career move for Jay; it’s a commitment to bring his diverse experiences and competitive edge to the forefront of public adjusting. Jay is excited to bring a blend of his personal journey and professional expertise to Premier Claims. These skills allow him to champion our clients through the intricacies of insurance claims with exceptional support.

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