Jimmy Rodgers

Business Development Manager

Jimmy Rodgers, a seasoned business development representative, thrives in his role at Premier Claims, where he passionately navigates all sides through the intricate claims process. With over 20 years of leadership and development experience, Jimmy has become a respected figure in the Public Adjusting field, bringing a unique blend of expertise and compassion to his work.

Jimmy’s forte lies in working harmoniously with contractors, homeowners, and insurance carriers, seamlessly orchestrating the collaboration needed to restore properties to their former glory. His dedication to aiming for policyholders to remain the focal point throughout the entire claims process reflects his genuine concern for those who have experienced loss.

His commitment to excellence and desire to make a lasting impact mark his journey in the business world. Jimmy takes great pride in being a driving force behind successful projects, leveraging his leadership skills to foster collaboration and synergy among diverse stakeholders. Jimmy, driven by a love for making a positive difference, extends his passion beyond the boardroom to coaching, imparting valuable life lessons in both business and the sport of wrestling.

Jimmy’s competitive spirit and drive to succeed were cultivated during his time as a student-athlete in high school and college. Today, he channels that same determination into his career, consistently aiming for optimal outcomes in every endeavor. As a husband to Katie Rodgers and a devoted father to Maxum and Ella Rodgers, family remains at the core of Jimmy’s values, providing him with the motivation to create a better future for those around him.

In essence, Jimmy Rodgers is more than just a business development representative—he is a dedicated professional, a caring mentor, and a family man committed to making a positive impact in both his career and personal life.

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