Jordan Fenwick

Business Development Representative

Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, Jordan Fenwick proudly embodies the spirit of a Hoosier. His academic journey led him to Ball State University, where he cultivated the skills that fuel his professional pursuits.

He spent over five years dedicated to the roofing industry. This experience allows Jordan to bring a wealth of knowledge to his role at Premier Claims. He’s enthusiastic about contributing to Premier’s success.

Family is central to Jordan’s identity; as the eldest of four siblings, he has watched each of them take unique paths. Zak thrives in Business Development in Tampa, Josh directs facilities for a DC school system, and Abby pursues her dreams in professional dance after captivating audiences as a Knicks City Dancer.

Beyond work, his girlfriend Jocelyn is pursuing a doctorate in Molecular Biology at UCLA, specializing in Lung Cancer research. Together, they prioritize shared values and support each other’s ambitions.

In his downtime, Jordan Fenwick relishes moments with family and friends, and enjoy sports like basketball, football, tennis, golf, and the exhilaration of snowboarding. Whether on the slopes or engaging in other physical activities, finding joy in every moment is his constant pursuit, both personally and professionally. Guided by unwavering faith in God, he navigates life with purpose and passion.

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