Justin Protzman

Account Manager & Licensed Public Adjuster

Justin Protzman is a seasoned business executive and public adjuster, renowned for his expertise in the field of public adjusting. Born and raised in Grimes, Iowa, Justin brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role. With a diverse range of interests, including sports like golf, basketball, softball, fishing, and volleyball, Justin is always up for an active challenge. In addition to being a sports enthusiast, he has a keen interest in traveling to explore different places and indulge in local cuisines.

Although Justin was initially new to the insurance and construction industry, he found his true calling at Premier Claims. Since then, he has embraced the field wholeheartedly, continuously expanding his knowledge base. Justin thrives on the gratification of helping individuals navigate challenging times, particularly when they experience property losses due to natural disasters like hurricanes. Providing support and easing the burden for those affected is a driving force behind his work.

As a valued member of Premier, Justin’s dedication to his craft is evident. He cherishes the camaraderie with his coworkers, contributing to the exceptional company culture that sets Premier apart. Justin’s commitment to connecting with others extends beyond the workplace. If you ever come across him, don’t hesitate to say hello! Justin relishes the opportunity to meet new and remarkable individuals each day.

Through his extensive experience, unwavering passion, and commitment to excellence, Justin Protzman is a trusted expert in the realm of public adjusting. His presence in the industry has undoubtedly made a positive impact. Justin continues to thrive in his role as a business executive and licensed public adjuster.

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