Justin Schell

Business Development Manager

Justin Schell, born and raised in the beautiful state of North Dakota, has always felt drawn to the great outdoors and has developed a deep appreciation for nature. He hopes to inspire and motivate others to embrace the wonders of outdoor activities, including the thrilling experience of ice fishing, and exploring the world with family.

Growing up in North Dakota, Justin was fortunate to have nature right at his doorstep. He embraced North Dakota’s winter by indulging in the unique thrill of ice fishing on frozen lakes. Picture him in a cozy ice shanty, patiently waiting for a bite amid the winter landscape. Beyond ice fishing, Justin explores year-round outdoor adventures, from hiking scenic trails to kayaking on peaceful lakes. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of Theodore Roosevelt National Park or the calm of Lake Sakakawea State Park, North Dakota offers diverse and captivating experiences.

In 2023, he joined the Premier Claims team in Omaha, Nebraska! Justin is a dynamic professional renowned for his strategic approach to business growth. With a keen understanding of the public adjusting industry, Justin excels in building meaningful relationships with clients. Additionally, his proactive mindset and exceptional communication skills make him a valuable asset to the Premier Claims team.

One of the things he treasures most in life is spending quality time with his family. Justin firmly believes that shared experiences with loved ones create lasting memories and foster stronger bonds. As a result, traveling with his family has become an integral part of his life. Together, his family has explored various destinations, both near and far, seeking diverse cultures, and immersing themselves in breathtaking landscapes. These journeys have not only broadened their horizons but have also taught them valuable life lessons.

In every aspect of his life, Justin actively commits to personal and professional growth. As he continues his journey with Premier Claims, he looks forward to contributing to the success of the team while continuing to explore new horizons with his loved ones.

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