Kayla Dixon

Office Manager

Kayla Dixon has been with Premier Claims for about 2 and half years now and is currently the Office Manager. Throughout her career here she has held many titles such as Receptionist, Office Coordinator, and Inspections Coordinator. She finally found her niche in Human Resources when working on different projects within that department. She has a passion for the importance of employee engagement and setting employees up for success within the workplace. In her role as Office Manager, Kayla has played a pivotal role in transforming the workplace culture at Premier Claims. She firmly believes that a motivated and engaged team is the foundation of any thriving organization. Kayla gained excellent interpersonal and communication skills through her previous roles working with children and in the mental health field. She is able to combine both problem-solving and project management to actively keep employees and the company thriving!

Outside of her role as Office Manager, Kayla Dixon also helps lead Premier Cares, a volunteer program at Premier Claims. Premier Cares strives to help the local community and those impacted by disastrous storms through conscious efforts such as food drives, helping at local food pantries, and toy drives for the holiday season. Kayla is passionate about giving back and volunteering, and it’s important to her that she works for a company that values and understands the impact of these activities.

Outside of work Kayla spends most of her time with her family and her best friend. Some of her favorite things to do include going shopping and finding cute coffee shops around Omaha. Having spent all 25 years of her life in the Midwest, she still can’t handle the cold; anything cooler than 50 degrees is way too chilly for her. As a result, during about half the year, you’ll find her curled up, enjoying scary movies and delving into anything True Crime!

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