Kaylee Smith-Fancher

Adjusting Administrator

Kaylee Smith is an Adjusting Administrator with a unique journey that showcases her adaptability, dedication, and passion for helping others. Born and raised in Wyoming, Kaylee embarked on her professional journey in the field of social sciences after college. Her early career was marked by her role as a Montessori Director and teacher, where she honed her skills in education and leadership.

With a desire to broaden her horizons and make a positive impact in a different field, Kaylee transitioned into the world of public adjusting. In her role as an Adjusting Administrator, she combines her strong background in education and her innate ability to connect with people. Kaylee Smith thrives on building relationships, working closely with her colleagues as a team, and providing valuable support to those in need. Kaylee’s commitment to teamwork and collaboration is a testament to her effectiveness in her current position.

Outside of the workplace, Kaylee enjoys her newlywed life with her husband, who serves in the military, and their two dogs. In her free time, you can often find her outdoors, perfecting her golf swing on sunny days, or curled up with a good book when the snow falls.

Kaylee Smith is a professional who embodies the values of adaptability, teamwork, and a strong commitment to making a difference, both in her career and personal life.

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