Kyle Maring

CEO & Licensed Senior Public Adjuster

Leading from the helm as a visionary, and disrupting the insurance industry with unwavering advocacy for the policyholders, is where one would find Kyle Maring: A high-performing, deeply analytical leader whose passion for business growth through discipline, creativity, and team effort is comparable to none.

Initially, Kyle began his career in roofing & construction. During a home remodel, he was subject to a water damage claim that was severely underpaid. From that moment, Kyle took on a personal mission to guarantee fair compensation for others’ insurance claims. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kyle invested in a local public adjusting firm where he continued his efforts advocating for policyholders. After years of success, Kyle’s vision grew to a national scale. This caused him to relocate corporate headquarters to Omaha, Nebraska after founding Premier Claims. Since its inception, Premier Claims has experienced tremendous growth assisting policyholders with team members located from coast-to-coast and offices across the nation.

As an industry disrupter, Kyle Maring raises policyholder awareness regarding the need for public adjusters while establishing Premier Claims as a household name. His relentless dedication to education has transformed claim approaches and cemented Premier Claims as a trusted leader. Beyond work, Kyle prioritizes family time, nurturing the same care he brings to his professional endeavors.

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