Levi Warren

Adjusting Manager & Licensed Public Adjuster

Levi Warren is an accomplished professional in the field of construction and serves as the Adjusting Team Manager at Premier Claims. His expertise and exceptional leadership skills amplify our team. With a remarkable career of over 17 years in the United States Navy, Levi’s dedication, discipline, and attention to detail have been instrumental in achieving exceptional results.

Having served in the Navy, Levi has honed his problem-solving abilities, adaptability, and strong work ethic. Furthermore, these valuable skills have transitioned into his career in construction, where he has become an authority in various areas. His extensive knowledge in siding, roofing, and basement waterproofing has made him a go-to expert in these specialized fields.

As the Adjusting Team Manager, Levi uses his skills to evaluate projects, assess damages, and determine the most effective solutions. Additionally, his attention to detail enables him to accurately analyze reports, provide realistic estimates, and develop strategic plans for mitigation and restoration.

Outside of work, Levi Warren finds joy and relaxation spending time with his wife and four children. You’ll often find him on the golf course, where he can normally be found anywhere but on the fairway. His spirit and commitment shine through in all aspects of his life.

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