MaKayla Fountain

Client Specialist

As an Omaha Native, MaKayla Fountain has accumulated a variety of skills and provides a broad outlook on life. In 2008, MaKayla graduated high school from Omaha Public Schools, entering college with aspirations of being a 1st generation college graduate. With life’s challenges and vicissitudes, college was placed on hold, and she entered the corporate world. Working for many Fortune 500 companies, such as Mutual of Omaha and PayPal, furthering her career as a Claim/Client Specialist. After several years in the field, she realized that this was her calling. With her amazing personality and great interpersonal skills, being in Customer Service/Client facing roles became natural to her.

MaKayla Fountain has been a part of the Premier Claims family since April of 2023. With over 7 years of claims experience, ranging from Life Insurance, Car, and personal property insurance, she brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the organization. Applying her Customer Service skills and knowledge every day to continue to build healthy, long-lasting relationships with new as well as current Premier Clients.

MaKayla Fountain stays motivated daily through her passion for problem-solving and accomplishing tasks. That, and her amazing, supportive family. Though she was raised an only child, her family is extremely tight knit and continues to keep her grounded. Her main goal in life is to give everything 100%. Whether that is personally or professionally. “I am excited for this journey I’ve embarked on. I don’t believe in mistakes, only opportunities for lessons learned.”

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