Meghan van der Spuy

Project Manager

Meghan van der Spuy, a seasoned professional, excels as a Project Manager at Premier Claims, leveraging a diverse background in hospitality, healthcare, and project management. Born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, her early experiences cultivated a foundation for a dynamic career marked by continuous evolution. Relocating to Omaha at the age of eight further broadened her horizons, shaping her journey in healthcare and project management.

Meghan started in hospitality, learning to deliver exceptional service and create memorable experiences from entry-level positions. Her dedication and natural flair propelled her ascent in the industry, working on a top area-sales team. Motivated to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, Meghan transitioned into healthcare, navigating staffing complexities with a strong work ethic, ultimately reaching Project Management. Meghan’s expertise extends beyond conventional project management; she brings a unique blend of empathy and efficiency to her role. Her healthcare experience has instilled in her a profound understanding of the importance of precision in project execution. This is especially crucial in contexts where every detail can significantly impact outcomes.

Balancing the demands of a thriving career with the responsibilities of parenthood, Meghan epitomizes resilience and determination. Outside work, Meghan enjoys music for its uplifting power, attending live performances or singing. She also finds tranquility in her plant hobby, reflecting her nurturing instincts amidst a busy life. Her commitment to providing a nurturing environment for her daughter underscores her values and dedication to family. As a single mother, professional, and individual with diverse interests, Meghan’s story is one of triumph over challenges and serves as an inspiration to those aspiring to forge their path with determination and grace.

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