Melissa Hurrington

CFO & VP of Operations

Melissa Hurrington is a respected Finance and Business Professional with a seasoned career across multiple industries. She is a servant leader who sees beyond the numbers and instead sees the impact people make on a business. Aside from her husband and two children, nothing makes Melissa more proud than watching her team’s individual growth under her leadership.

Melissa has been with Premier Claims from almost the beginning and has contributed greatly to the exponential growth they have experienced in recent years. Prior to joining Premier Claims, She has taken on challenging roles in Public Accounting, a Publicly traded company in the technology industry, a nationwide non-profit company where she still serves on the Human Rights Board, and has also spent time in the Hospitality industry managing the finances of events all over the country. With her diverse background, Melissa brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for excellence to the team.

Melissa Hurrington believes in showing up as the best version of yourself every day. Learning and growing is a necessity in both her personal and professional life. Her belief in pushing yourself to be 1% Better has become an unofficial motto of the entire team at Premier Claims.

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