Morgan Goulette

Senior Client Specialist

Morgan Goulette serves as a Senior Client Specialist here at Premier Claims. She has been with the team for just over a year. She is passionate about helping others and understanding the intricacies involved in insurance claims. In turn, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring clients receive the best possible outcomes during challenging times.

Morgan graduated from Papillion LaVista-South High School. She then went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2020. After college Morgan began working at a Law Firm in Downtown Omaha. There she worked on many insurance matters that were engaged in active litigation. After realizing her desire to assist insureds rather than insurance carriers, Morgan Goulette decided to join Premier Claims. Since joining the team just over a year ago, she has developed a reputation for being approachable, empathetic, and attentive, which enables her to build strong relationships with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, Morgan’s strong interpersonal skills enable her to communicate effectively with clients, insurance adjusters, and other stakeholders involved in the claims process. She strives to ensure that clients fully understand their rights and entitlements. In turn, taking the time to address their concerns and provide realistic expectations. Her ability to simplify technical jargon and navigate legal complexities is invaluable in supporting clients during difficult times.

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