Paul Lewis

Account Manager & Licensed Public Adjuster

In the vibrant city of San Jose, California, on a sunny day in January 1992, Paul Lewis made his debut into the world, destined to touch the lives of many with his infectious laughter and compassionate spirit. Now, at 31 years old, Paul’s journey has taken him from the golden state to the enchanting landscapes of Portland, Oregon, and eventually to the heartwarming embrace of Nebraska, where he found love, family, and a sense of purpose that fuels his ambitions.

Paul, the youngest of five adopted children, treasures the love of two families—those he was born into and those who embraced him. He values unity, acceptance, and unwavering support, having grown up in a large family. Paul’s journey in the Oregon Army National Guard spanned eight years, teaching camaraderie and sacrifice’s worth during his Afghanistan tour. His passion for distance running nurtured self-discovery, resilience, and determination. His infectious humor brings universal healing through laughter, a remedy for life’s challenges. Football, especially the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oregon Ducks, holds a special place in his heart. Love, marriage, and parenthood with Dani filled life with immeasurable joy. The move to Nebraska was a choice made for their twin daughters’ bright future, deepening family and community bonds. While Nebraska holds new experiences, Oregon remains Paul’s cherished home, full of laughter, family gatherings, and scenic adventures.

Paul Lewis’ life overflows with laughter, love, and dedicated service. He roots in California, flourishes in Oregon, and embraces Nebraska. He treasures family and spreads joy actively. His dreams interlace family provision, global exploration, and perpetual positivity. The ongoing journey emanates love, optimism, and boundless passion.

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