Vito Agosta

Business Development Manager & Licensed Public Adjuster

Vito Agosta is an exceptional professional in Public Adjusting, currently serving as the esteemed Business Development Manager. With over two decades of experience, Vito’s expertise spans sales, managing, leadership, coaching, and motivation. His magnetic presence, positive attitude, and selflessness make him a true relationship-builder and a remarkable individual.

Vito’s unwavering commitment to policyholders’ rights is evident through his adept negotiation and claims handling skills. His in-depth knowledge of insurance policies and legal landscape positions him as a trusted advisor, ensuring fair settlements and maximum recovery for clients.

Motivated by a passion for justice, Vito Agosta embarked on his journey in Public Adjusting, dedicated to leveling the playing field for policyholders. His genuine empathy and dedication have earned him praise and loyalty from those he assists.

As the Business Development Manager, Vito plays a pivotal role in building trust through strategic partnerships and expanding the firm’s clientele. His leadership emphasizes team performance, trust, and a focus on “try,” “care,” “attitude,” and “actions.”

Vito’s exceptional leadership and relationship-building skills drive the company’s growth and success. He mentors a new generation of Public Adjusters, leaving a positive impact on others.

Beyond his achievements, Vito Agosta’s character drives him to give back to the community intentionally and wholeheartedly. His involvement in charitable activities reflects his gratitude and support for those who have impacted his life.

Vito Agosta’s expertise and unmatched leadership style have positioned him as a respected figure in Public Adjusting. His dedication to policyholders’ fair treatment and empowerment solidifies him as an indispensable asset in the industry. Vito remains an inspiring beacon of hope and empowerment in the field of Public Adjusting.

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