Overturned Insurance Carrier’s Decision in Less Than 4 Months with 7,664% Increase in Settlement

December 21, 2020

DC Warehouse

Marshalltown, Iowa
Hail, Wind & Water Damage
August 2020

In August 2020, a derecho—a fast-moving cluster of severe thunderstorms capable of tornadic winds, heavy rains, and flash floods—devastated the Midwest. Despite the extensive damage to the building, the insurance carrier was offering a significantly underpaid settlement. That’s when our team stepped in to champion the policyholder’s cause. In less than 4 months, we successfully overturned the insurance carrier’s initial decision, securing a 7,664% increase in settlement that fully restored the building. Furthermore, we advised the policyholder on how to enhance their insurance plan to better safeguard against future incidents. 

Insurance Carrier Offer: $14,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,087,000




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