Meticulous Documentation Leads to a 683% Increase in the Settlement

Elite Transportation Warehouse

Emporia, Kansas
Hail & Water Damage
November 2021

Despite presenting evidence from forensic damage experts that proved water intrusion had caused phenolic insulation to become acidic and cause damage to the steel decking, the insurance carrier remained steadfast with their $139,000 estimate. They also denied coverage for business losses, even though the policy clearly included it. Undeterred, we connected the policyholder with a legal team, sharing all our findings to build a solid case. The outcome? A victory that resulted in a 683% increase in the settlement offer from the insurance carrier.

Insurance Carrier Offer: $139,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,088,000



Overturned Insurance Carrier’s Decision in Less Than 4 Months with 7,664% Increase in Settlement

DC Warehouse

Marshalltown, Iowa
Hail, Wind & Water Damage
August 2020

In August 2020, a derecho—a fast-moving cluster of severe thunderstorms capable of tornadic winds, heavy rains, and flash floods—devastated the Midwest. Despite the extensive damage to the building, the insurance carrier was offering a significantly underpaid settlement. That’s when our team stepped in to champion the policyholder’s cause. In less than 4 months, we successfully overturned the insurance carrier’s initial decision, securing a 7,664% increase in settlement that fully restored the building. Furthermore, we advised the policyholder on how to enhance their insurance plan to better safeguard against future incidents. 

Insurance Carrier Offer: $14,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,087,000