Day & Night Inspections Provide Full Scope of Damage for 730% Settlement Increase

Confidential Chicken Farm

Ulysses, Nebraska
Hail Damage
June 2022

Our team carried out day and night inspections to accurately assess the full scope of damage to the various buildings on the property. During negotiations, we caught the insurance carrier using flawed measurements based on satellite imagery that failed to account for elevation changes. We didn’t stop there; we also presented a comprehensive plan outlining the necessary materials and procedures for proper insulation and repairs, backed by current market rates for materials and labor. The result? A successful settlement that covered full replacements for all metal roofs, and materials, and even included overhead and profit.

Insurance Carrier Offer: $204,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,693,000



Overturned Insurance Carrier’s Decision in Less Than 4 Months with 7,664% Increase in Settlement

DC Warehouse

Marshalltown, Iowa
Hail, Wind & Water Damage
August 2020

In August 2020, a derecho—a fast-moving cluster of severe thunderstorms capable of tornadic winds, heavy rains, and flash floods—devastated the Midwest. Despite the extensive damage to the building, the insurance carrier was offering a significantly underpaid settlement. That’s when our team stepped in to champion the policyholder’s cause. In less than 4 months, we successfully overturned the insurance carrier’s initial decision, securing a 7,664% increase in settlement that fully restored the building. Furthermore, we advised the policyholder on how to enhance their insurance plan to better safeguard against future incidents. 

Insurance Carrier Offer: $14,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,087,000



Underpaid Claim for Condo Association: Premier Claims Doubles Settlement

Winding Waters Condo Association

Oswego, Illinois
Hail & Wind Damage
June 2019

Initially, the insurance carrier did not fully recognize the value of the claim, leaving crucial damage underfunded. Our expert team stepped in, meticulously aligning the claim elements with code requirements and policy coverage. Through comprehensive documentation, we showcased the true costs of materials and labor, successfully boosting the claim’s value to its rightful amount.

Insurance Carrier Offer: $842,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $1,910,000