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Agriculture claims are arguably one of the most complex and specialized claims. Agriculture insurance policies often have complex terms, conditions, and coverage options. Different policies may cover specific risks, crop types, or production stages, which can lead to variations in the claims process. From standard sections to custom endorsements, our team of legal experts carefully review your full policy to ensure every opportunity is considered when handling your insurance claim. Below we’ve outlined just a few standard sections included in agriculture policies and things to consider:

Crop Coverage

Protection against losses or damages to crops caused by natural disasters such as drought, flood, frost, fire, pests, or diseases. For regions that often experience hail damage, you may have crop hail coverage — This provides protection against hail damage to crops, which is not typically covered under a standard crop insurance policy.

Yield Guarantee

Ensures a minimum level of crop yield, compensating for production shortfalls due to specified causes outlined in your insurance policy. 

Revenue Protection

Coverage for a decrease in the market value of crops or livestock, providing compensation based on the revenue loss.

Livestock Coverage

Traditionally, coverage for livestock will be included in agriculture insurance policies. The coverage will outline protection for livestock against perils such as disease, accidents, theft, or mortality. We recommend reviewing your entire policy to ensure there is not a livestock endorsement that negatively adjusts your livestock coverage. 

Machinery & Equipment

A policy will outline the coverage for farm machinery and equipment against damage or theft. In addition, a policy may have an Equipment Breakdown Coverage that protects against mechanical or electrical breakdown of farm equipment, including tractors, irrigation systems, and other machinery necessary for farming operations.


Insurance coverage for farm buildings, barns, silos, or other structures against risks like fire, storms, or vandalism. It is important to review all endorsements for any language that could outline an inadequate coverage for your structures.


Protection against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage that occur on the insured farm premises. Agriculture policies may include specific liability endorsements, such as a Farm Pollution Liability Endorsement that covers pollution-related risks associated with farming activities, such as accidental chemical spills or runoff from fertilizers or pesticides, or a Agri-Product Liability Endorsement that provides  liability coverage for claims arising from the sale or distribution of agricultural products, including products produced on the farm or products sold at farmers’ markets. If you use your land for farm tours, pumpkin patches, corn mazes or other events that welcome visitors, you will want to ensure you have an Agritourism Endorsement that includes additional liability coverage for agritourism activities.

Business Interruption

Compensation for loss of income or additional expenses incurred due to interruptions in farming operations caused by covered perils. Some policies may outline Agribusiness Interruption coverage that provides compensation for losses incurred by agribusinesses, such as food processing plants or agricultural supply chains, due to disruptions in operations caused by covered perils.


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Policy Reviews

We offer complimentary policy reviews specifically tailored to meet the unique insurance needs of agriculture properties. Our dedicated team understands the importance of ensuring adequate coverage for your operations in the face of potential damages. Through our comprehensive policy reviews, we analyze your insurance policy, identifying any gaps or areas where additional coverage may be necessary. With our expertise, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a team looking out for you and your property’s best interest.

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Property Inspections

We provide complimentary inspections, specifically designed to assess and document the condition of your agriculture operations. Our experienced professionals conduct thorough inspections, identifying any existing issues or areas that may require attention. These inspections serve as a valuable tool for farmers, ranchers, and agriculture operators, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or improvements. With our free agriculture property inspections, you can have a clear understanding of your asset’s condition and take proactive measures to optimize its productivity and longevity.

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Monitoring Storms

We offer agriculture property monitoring services aimed at documenting crucial information for expedited claim filing. Through advanced technology and meticulous record-keeping, we diligently track and document weather events and potential damages to your land and property. This comprehensive monitoring ensures that you have all the necessary information readily available when filing an insurance claim. By having the documentation ready, the claims process is streamlined, allowing for quicker resolution and ensuring that you receive the support you need to recover swiftly from any agricultural property damages.



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