Restoring Operations for Industrial Property Insurance Claims

Whether you’re in a cold storage facility, an R&D building, or in a large distribution center, our team knows the inner workings of industrial property insurance claims to get your operations back in working order. 

Providing Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive services encompass policy reviews, property inspections, and diligent storm monitoring. With our expertise, your insurance policy is thoroughly reviewed and tailored to meet your specific needs, and your property is meticulously inspected for all damage. Furthermore, our vigilant storm monitoring empowers us to proactively respond to potential threats, and be a step-head in filing a claim with your insurance carrier.

Policy Reviews

We understand the importance of having adequate coverage for your industrial property. That’s why we offer free policy reviews to ensure that your insurance coverage is sufficient in the event of future damage. Our team of experts will meticulously examine your policy, identifying any potential gaps or areas where additional coverage may be needed. With our comprehensive policy review, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your industrial property is well-protected and that you’re prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

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Property Inspections

To help you assess the current state of your industrial property, we provide complimentary inspections. Our experienced professionals will conduct thorough assessments of your property, documenting its condition and identifying any existing issues that may require attention. These inspections serve as a valuable resource for property owners, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or upgrades. With our free industrial property inspections, you can have a clear understanding of the asset’s status and take proactive measures to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

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Monitoring Storms

Our commitment to protecting your industrial property goes beyond mere inspections. We offer industrial property monitoring services that include tracking storm activity in your area. By utilizing advanced technology and weather forecasting systems, we keep a close eye on potential storms and severe weather conditions that could pose a threat to your property. Our diligent monitoring and documentation of storm activity ensure that you have the necessary records ready to file insurance claims promptly and efficiently if any damage occurs.

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Protecting Your Industrial Properties with Precision Policy Reviews

Depending on the industrial property type, specific sections should be included in the insurance policy to be adequately covered. From standard sections to custom endorsements, our team of legal experts carefully review your full policy to ensure you are covered in the event of future damage and every opportunity is considered when handling your insurance claim. Below we’ve outlined just a few standard sections that may be included in your industrial insurance policy:

Equipment Breakdown

Protection against the cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment or machinery due to mechanical breakdown, power surges, or other covered perils. It is particularly important for warehouses that rely heavily on machinery or specialized equipment for their operations.  

Cargo Coverage

If the property handles and stores goods owned by others, cargo insurance can provide coverage for the loss or damage to the goods while they are in the care, custody, and control of the warehouse. It can protect against risks such as theft, damage during transportation, or accidents within the warehouse premises. This coverage may also be outlined in Cargo and Transportation Coverage that will protect the policyholder against loss or damage to the cargo during transit. It may include coverage for both owned and third-party cargo.

Pollution Liability

Manufacturing processes may involve the use of hazardous substances or generate pollutants. Pollution liability insurance covers the costs associated with pollution-related claims, including cleanup, restoration, and third-party liability. Insurance policies may outline this coverage as Environmental Liability Coverage to address the costs related to environmental cleanup, legal defense, and damages resulting from pollution incidents.

Business Interruption

This coverage compensates for lost income and additional expenses incurred when a manufacturing facility, distribution center, data center, or other industrial property is temporarily shut down due to a covered event, such as a fire or equipment breakdown.

Product Liability

Manufacturing businesses often face product liability risks. This coverage protects against claims arising from injuries or damages caused by a defective product manufactured or sold by the insured.

Boiler & Machinery Coverage

Similar to Equipment Breakdown Coverage, this section specifically focuses on losses arising from the breakdown of boilers, pressure vessels, and related machinery. It covers repair costs, property damage, and business interruption caused by these failures.


Expert Handling of Claims for Industrial Properties

Our team of industrial claim specialists understand the unique variations and requirements of the diverse industrial property types. We manage all the essential documentation, inspections, communication and negotiations involved in the insurance claims process. By entrusting our team, you can focus on your business operations. Let our team assist you today.

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