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Navigating the complexities of retail property insurance claims requires expertise. Our trusted and skilled public adjusters advocate for your best interests, ensuring fair compensation for losses and a smoother claims process.

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Policy Reviews

We understand the unique insurance needs of retail properties. To ensure that your retail property has adequate coverage for potential future damages, we offer complimentary policy reviews. Our team of experts will meticulously assess your insurance policy, identifying any gaps or areas where additional coverage may be required. With our thorough policy review, you can have confidence knowing that your retail property is well-protected and that you’re prepared for any unforeseen events that may arise.

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Property Inspections

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your retail property, we provide complimentary inspections. Our experienced professionals will conduct detailed assessments, documenting the property’s condition and identifying any existing issues that may need attention. These inspections serve as a valuable resource for retail property owners, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or renovations. With our free retail property inspections, you can have a clear picture of your asset’s status and take proactive steps to ensure its longevity and optimal functionality.

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Monitoring Storms

We offer reliable retail property monitoring services, specifically tailored to track storm activity in your area. Utilizing advanced technology and weather forecasting systems, we constantly monitor potential storms and severe weather conditions that may pose a threat to your property. Our diligent monitoring and thorough documentation of storm activity ensure that you have the necessary records ready to file insurance claims promptly and efficiently in case of any storm-related damages.

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Extension to Your Retail Asset Team

From the real estate agent that leases the space, to the property manager that ensures it’s presentable for prospective tenants and customers, each member of the asset team works towards creating a profitable property for investors and tenants. When property is damaged, we are the extension of the asset team with the expertise to get claim settled so the property can be restored. 


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Different Retail Types Lead to Different Claims

The different retail property types, and the associated range of tenants they each attract can lead to various policy coverage and future claim situations that may arise. Our team has expert knowledge in handling the various retail property types and their associated claims process. 


Generally malls start at 400,000 square feet and are enclosed. They are comprised of national department stores as anchor tenants, heavy on specialty retail & apparel, and traditionally have food courts. Filing an insurance claim & repairs on a large retail building could lead to business interruptions, challenges with parking, and require additional communication to tenants and customers. 

Lifestyle Centers

Rising in popularity in the 1990s, lifestyle centers are an open-air shopping center that aims to create an upscale pedestrian-friendly shopping experience with sidewalks, beautiful landscapes, ambient lighting and park benches. Depending on the claim type, the damage may be reserved to only a few tenants and buildings within the lifestyle center; however, it is vital to maintain communication with all tenants in the event their space experienced damage as well. 

Factory Outlets

Comprising outlet stores of nationally-known brands, ranging from mid-priced to luxury, and limited food options, factory outlets are traditionally between 50,000 square feet and 400,000 square feet. 

Power Centers

Starting at 200,000 square feet, power centers are home to at least three big-box stores, smaller tenants of national or regional brands, convenience stores, and fast-food or other restaurant options on pad sites located in the parking lots. 

Community Centers

Traditionally between 125,000 to 400,000 square feet, community centers have at least two anchor tenants with a mixture of specialty and convenience retailers 

Neighborhood Centers

Smaller than community centers and traditionally with a single anchor tenant, such as a grocery store or pharmacy, neighborhood centers run up to 125,000 square feet. 

Convenience Centers

Being the smallest retail property and traditionally under 30,000 square feet, convenience centers contain smaller retail businesses, such as dry cleaners, nail salons, drug stores, and insurance offices. 


Liability, Vandalism & Theft Insurance Claims

Compared to other commercial properties, retail property is subject to more liability and vandalism & theft claims than any other property type. Due to the mass amount of visitors on-site, retail properties are faced with liability claims that are traditionally concerning an injury to a patron or a visitor. Crimes of opportunity, vandalism & theft claims are one of the most underpaid claims due to insufficient documentation. Our team is here to assist with the most complex claims to ensure every opportunity is being considered with your claim settlement. 


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