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Whether you are battling a busted pipe, a leaky roof, or storm damage, we can help. Our team understands the intricacies of water damage and insurance claims.

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Your Policy: A Shield Against Vandalism & Theft

To cover vandalism and theft, policyholders typically need a specific kind of property insurance known as “all risk” or “open perils” insurance. This type of policy offers broad coverage and includes most causes of loss unless they’re specifically excluded in the policy. However, insurance policies and the specific coverage they offer can vary greatly, so it’s crucial to read the policy carefully and understand what is and isn’t covered.

The services we provide for different policies will vary by state regulations and licensure requirements.


For businesses, commercial property insurance can protect against losses due to vandalism and theft. However, there may be limitations or exclusions, especially for high-value items. It’s important to review your policy and consider purchasing additional coverage if necessary.


Standard homeowners insurance policies usually include coverage for vandalism and theft. However, similar to commercial property insurance, there may be limitations or exclusions that require additional coverage.


Coverage for vandalism to a vehicle is usually part of the comprehensive coverage in an auto insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage is optional and not part of the minimum required insurance, so policyholders who want this coverage need to add it to their policy.


Renters insurance generally includes coverage for personal property loss due to theft, and often includes vandalism as well to the property.

Vandalism & Theft

Understand Vandalism Types to Minimize Your Risk

Vandalism can strike when you least expect it, leaving commercial property owners in a tricky situation. In our article “Minimizing Financial Risk: The Seven Types of Vandalism” delves into the fascinating world of Stanley Cohen’s seven types of vandalism, helping you understand the motives behind these destructive acts. More importantly, it equips you with the knowledge to safeguard your property and minimize your financial risk. Discover how understanding these types and being prepared can transform your approach to property protection and maintain your peace of mind.

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Vandalism & Theft

From Unrest to Upholding Rights

Navigating Your Insurance Claims Post-Riot

In the face of civil unrest and riots, property owners often find themselves caught in an unnerving vortex of shock, confusion, and worry. The aftermath of these events can be devastating, leading to severe property damage that could cripple your financial stability if left unaddressed. However, navigating the insurance claims process can be an uphill battle. From documenting the damage in detail to filing a timely claim, each step can seem like a daunting task. The complexity increases manifold when it comes to negotiating with insurance carriers for fair compensation. But you’re not alone in this. Our team stands ready to shoulder the burden, transforming a complex process into a manageable journey. We provide comprehensive support to help you document the damage, assist in filing a claim promptly, and represent your best interests. Our mission is to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve, helping you rebuild and recover from the damaging effects of civil unrest and riots.

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Every situation is unique, and we understand that you might have questions about your policy or how to navigate the claims process for vandalism and theft. That’s why we’re always here, ready to lend a guiding hand. Whether it’s helping you understand the coverage of your insurance policy or assisting you with the complexities of filing a claim, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’re here to turn your losses into victories. Let’s start the journey towards your peace of mind today.

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