Why Preparation is Key


Dealing with storms, disaster, and the resulting damage is never pleasant, but preparation is key in ensuring that life is simplified for recovering in the aftermath. While it’s impossible to fully anticipate what may be around the corner, learning from past experiences – whether yours or others – can help ensure long term effects are minimized, if not eradicated completely.

Documentation is a significant part of prepping your home or property for the worst. Premier Claims offers and teaches a “No Cost Risk Management” program which entails having our office or your contractor document the condition of your roof and structure before a storm occurs. This means dated, photographed evidence will be available to provide to your insurance company when a storm hits, making it easier to prove the damage is truly sudden and accidental – and therefore, insurable and claimable.

But what can you do to protect yourself and everything you own? Documentation is important for personal items as well, to ensure you receive the full benefit of your policy. And while many people will remember the big items when listing them out after the fact, insurance policies also cover the small things, even down to bottles of vitamins and emergency sewing kits.

Premier Claims recommends that each property owner take a full inventory a minimum of yearly to ensure you can be properly indemnified should the worst occur. Using this exhaustive resource we’ve included in this article, you can be rest assured that when the storm hits, we’ll have the evidence to get you back to good shape.

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