Exposing Insurance Deception: Who is Your Carrier Loyal to?

The Mask of Trust

You’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums for years, believing that when disaster strikes, your insurance carrier will swoop in to save the day. But what if I told you your blind trust could be costing you thousands? Take the time to learn their game, and overcome possible insurance deception. 

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

Your insurance agent may smile warmly and shake your hand, but beneath that friendly facade lies a stark reality: their loyalty isn’t to you— it’s to their employer. And when push comes to shove, whose interests do you think they’ll prioritize?

Let’s be real: insurance carriers are in the business of making money, not handing it out. When you file a claim, your agent’s job isn’t to maximize your payout— it’s to protect the company’s profits. Suddenly, that friendly smile doesn’t seem so reassuring, does it? 

The Power of Choice

Unlike your insurance agent, we’re not beholden to the whims of the insurance company. Our allegiance lies solely with you, the policyholder, and we are committed to fighting to stop at nothing to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

Still Skeptical?

Imagine this: You’re facing the aftermath of a vicious storm and you filed a claim with your insurance carrier, seeking rightful compensation for hail damage to your property’s metal roof. But instead of a swift resolution, you’re met with a daunting denial— making you question the coverage you’ve faithfully paid for.

Enter Premier Claims.

With unwavering determination, we become your advocate. In the face of carrier delay tactics, we stand firm by your side, armed with collected evidence of the storm’s damage to your property. 

Through our expertise, we secured a $1.16 million dollar settlement for a complete roof replacement. Our impact didn’t stop there, as we commonly attempt to steer the insured towards a future of coverage security, by advising an upgrade to more robust policy, in an attempt to further safeguard you from future coverage denials.

This isn’t just a story we pulled out of thin air— it’s a true testament to our capabilities. Premier Claims secured this complete roof replacement for a religious center in Orlando, Florida. Imagine the possibilities for your own claim. 

Take Your Place in the Driver’s Seat

As storm clouds gather on the horizon, now is the time to take action. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your interests. Contact Premier Claims today and let us be your guiding light in the darkness of insurance deception. Together, we can weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side. 

In the face of uncertainty, one thing remains clear: the importance of having a trusted ally by your side. With Premier Claims in your corner, you can rest easy knowing that your interests are protected. Don’t let the storm catch you off guard— let us lead you to victory. 

Filing a Claim Without Losing Coverage: Know Your Rights

The fear of being dropped by your insurance carrier is a common concern among policyholders, but it’s important to understand that such action is unlikely and illegal. Let’s delve deeper into this misconception and explain why filing a claim shouldn’t jeopardize your coverage.

Filing a Claim Isn’t Something to Fear

Legal Protection for Policyholders

Contrary to popular belief, insurance carriers are prohibited by law from dropping policyholders simply for filing a claim. Laws and regulations bind your insurance adjuster and govern their operations like a set of rules directs a public adjuster. These regulations safeguard policyholders against unfair treatment and allow policyholders to receive the protection they’ve paid for.

Preserving Your Coverage

You purchase insurance coverage to protect your property against unforeseen events, including storm damage. Filing a claim is fundamental to utilizing your insurance coverage as intended. Whether the damage appears minor or significant, it’s crucial to address it promptly to prevent future complications.

Mitigating Future Risks

While the damage you’ve sustained may seem insignificant at the time, it may escalate into a larger problem over time. Delaying or forgoing the claims process could leave you vulnerable to costly repairs or liabilities in the future. Your risks may be at their highest once the statute of limitations for filing a claim has passed. By addressing the damage promptly, you’re taking proactive measures to protect your property and mitigate future risks. To learn more about filing a claim, read our blog: https://premier-claims.com/blog/when-should-i-file-a-claim/

Empowering Policyholders

At the heart of insurance coverage is the principle of protection and support for policyholders. Your insurance carrier should be there to assist you in times of need, not to penalize you for seeking the coverage you’ve paid for. By understanding your rights and the legal protections in place, you can confidently pursue the resolution of your claim. Going through the claims process without fear of repercussions from your insurance carrier for filing a claim sounds rather nice, does it not?

Moving Forward with Confidence

Don’t let your fears prevent you from accessing the coverage your insurance carrier has agreed to issue. By filing a claim for the damage to your property, you’re exercising your rights as a policyholder and taking proactive steps to safeguard your investment. Trust in the legal protections and move forward confidently, knowing that your insurance carrier cannot drop you for simply utilizing your coverage as intended.

Advocate for Your Rights

Ready to address the damage to your property and secure the coverage you deserve? Contact Premier Claims today to learn how our team of experts can assist you in navigating the claims process with confidence. Let us be your trusted partner in advocating for your rights and protecting your property against unforeseen risks.

Where is My Insurance Policy?

Hiring an insurance broker can save you a ton of money. They can quickly compare plans of dozens of insurance carriers, taking the stress off of your plate. While that is great in the long run, when it comes time to file an insurance claim, you’re left wondering which carrier your insurance policy is even with.

Not having a copy of your insurance policy can land you in hot water. Even worse— you don’t know who your insurance carrier is! Take action and ensure you have your policy ready to go when you need it most.

Where do I start?

This is where Premier Claims steps in. When you hire us, it’s like getting a hammer when you’ve been driving nails in with the end of a screwdriver. The screwdriver was able to get the nail into the wood. However, the hammer is more accurate and cuts time in half. 

Are you having a tough time getting your insurance information from your broker? One of our representatives is happy to help get the info you need. As an additional service, we offer free policy reviews. To have your insurance policy reviewed, use the following link: https://premier-claims.com/policy-review/

Our tenacity does not waver throughout the claims process. We are your hammer. We are going to call who we need to call, meet who we need to meet, and debate who we need to debate in order to get what you are owed. 

What’s next?

As we gather your insurance information, we’ll make sure you have a digital file with all necessary documents in case of another catastrophe.

These include:

Once we start the claims process, we will need to track down all of these documents to get a clear picture of your property. The more information our adjusters have, the smoother the claims process. 

Insurance Appraisal: Don’t Gamble Your Investment Away

Unlock Your Claims’ Potential

Did you know that without undergoing the appraisal process, you could end up settling for less than you are entitled to under your insurance policy? Playing it is risky, with the odds seemingly stacked against you. Insurance carriers play hardball, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and outmatched. But fear not because appraisals may just be your secret negotiation weapon.

Without the backing of a thorough appraisal, insurance carriers may lack the motivation to offer you an increased, and likely owed, settlement amount. By forgoing this crucial step, you could potentially leave money on the table. Ultimately, it hinders your ability to recover entirely from the damage.

The Dreaded “A” Word

Contrary to popular belief, appraisals aren’t the Grim Reaper of your claim. Instead, think of them as your trusty sidekick, helping you navigate the murky waters of insurance disputes. By enlisting the services of an expert appraiser, like those utilized by Premier Claims, you’re taking proactive measures to protect your interests and secure the compensation you deserve.

It is possible that without an appraisal, you could leave thousands of unrecovered dollars on the table. You could use that unrecovered money to rectify property damage and rebuild your business entirely. An appraisal intends to lead to a more accurate assessment of damages, potentially resulting in an increasing settlement amount. It tends to expedite the claims process, thereby reducing stress and uncertainty for the policyholder. Don’t let fear of an appraisal hold you back from determining what you are rightfully owed.

Who Needs a Public Adjuster Anyway? Newsflash, You Do!

You might be thinking, “But do I really need a public adjuster?” The answer is a resounding yes. Public adjusters are the Jedi masters of the claims world, wielding their expertise like a lightsaber against the dark forces of insurance carriers. With a public adjuster by your side, an experienced professional will guide you every step of the way.

So, don’t gamble your investment away. Embrace the challenge, arm yourself with knowledge, and remember— Premier Claims is here to guide you every step of the way. Take charge of your claim and fight for a fair settlement.

Ready to protect your investment? Contact Premier Claims today for a consultation, and let us help you navigate the appraisal process confidently. Your future self will thank you.

Guide to Filing a Claim: The Essentials

Filing a property insurance claim can be a meticulous process, but being armed with the right information is key to a successful outcome. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential information you need to file a property insurance claim effectively. Whether it’s understanding the details of the incident or gathering crucial documents, this guide ensures you’re well-prepared, with a focus on optimizing your claims experience.

What You Will Need Before You File a Claim

1. Policy Number

Your policy number is the gateway to your coverage. Ensure you have it readily available when filing a claim. This unique identifier is crucial for your insurer to locate your policy quickly. 

2. Detailed Description of the Date of Loss

Provide a thorough and accurate description of the event that caused the damage. Include specific details such as how the incident occurred, the extent of the damage, and any immediate actions taken to mitigate further harm after the date of loss.

Date and Time of the Incident

Pinpointing the exact date and time of the incident is crucial for establishing the timeline of events. This information helps streamline the claims process and ensures accurate assessment. 

Location of the damage

Specify the location where the damage occurred. Whether it’s your home, business, or a specific area within the property, clarity in the damage location aids in a swift and accurate assessment. 

3. Photos or Videos of the Damage

Visual evidence can be powerful when filing a claim. Capture photos or videos of the damage as soon as possible after the incident. These visuals provide a clear representation of the extent of the damage, supporting your claim. Partnering with a Public Adjuster to conduct a thorough inspection can help to expedite the claims process, allowing for a more accurate representation of your properties damage.

List of Damaged Items

Create a detailed inventory of all items that sustained damage. Include information such as the make, model, and serial numbers. This comprehensive list forms the basis for evaluating the extent of your losses. Maintain receipts or any documentation proving the value of the damaged items. This documentation can be crucial for establishing the monetary value of your losses when aiming to receive a fair compensation. 

4. Relevant Police or Incident Reports

If applicable, include any police or incident reports related to the event. These reports provide an official record of the incident, offering valuable documentation for your claim. 

Contact Information for Witnesses

Collect contact information for any witnesses to the incident. Witness statements can serve as valuable evidence to support your claim, providing an independent perspective on what transpired. 

5. Check with Your Insurance Carrier

Check with your insurance carrier for specific requirements unique to your policy. Policies can vary, and understanding any additional documentation or steps required will hopefully eliminate any added stress throughout your claims journey. 

Perfecting the process of filing a property insurance claim is rooted in acquiring precise information. Whether it’s your policy number, detailed descriptions, or compelling visual evidence, each element contributes to the success of your claim. Premier Claims, armed with an array of resources, aims for a seamless claims process. Our dedicated team is here to thoroughly review your insurance policies so that your property is adequately protected in the event of damage. Empower yourself with this comprehensive guide, approaching property insurance claims with confidence.

Understanding Different Types of Adjusters

In the aftermath of property damage, navigating the insurance claims process can be a daunting task. Throughout the property claims process, a policyholder may come into contact with three different types of adjusters. Understanding the different roles of independent, insurance, and public adjusters and how their functions can impact a claim is crucial when dealing with property damage and insurance claims.

Types of Adjusters & Their Role in a Claim

Independent Adjuster 

Independent adjusters are professionals hired on a case-by-case basis by insurance carriers to assess and manage claims. Their primary objective is to provide an unbiased evaluation of damages and determine what they consider to be a fair settlement. Notably, independent adjusters are not employees of the insurance carrier, aiming to maintain neutrality in their assessments through impartial inspections. Since independent adjusters are engaged by insurance carriers, there exists a potential for financial allegiance, as their compensation is directly linked to these carriers.

Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjusters, also known as private adjusters, are employed directly by insurance carriers. Their responsibilities include investigating claims, evaluating damages, and negotiating settlements on behalf of the insurance carrier. Understanding their role is crucial for policyholders seeking transparency in the claims process. Insurance adjusters bring in-house expertise possessing in-depth knowledge of their company’s policies. 

Allegiance to Insurers: 

Policyholders should be aware that insurance adjusters represent the interests of the insurance carrier, emphasizing the importance of seeking outside advice when necessary. 

Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters, like those at Premier Claims, work exclusively for the policyholder. Their primary role is fighting for policyholders to receive a fair and just settlement from the insurance carrier. Public adjusters act as advocates, guiding policyholders through the complexities of the claims process. 

Working Together

In certain claim scenarios, the collaboration between an insurance adjuster and a public adjuster can prove instrumental in achieving the best outcome for the policyholder. The insurance adjuster, employed by the carrier, brings expertise in policy details and internal processes. While the public adjuster, who actively serves as your dedicated advocate, ensures they fully represent your interests. This cooperative approach aims to streamline the claims process, leveraging the strengths of both adjusters to navigate complexities and utilizing all the resources available to you. Hopefully, bringing you peace of mind during your claims journey. At Premier Claims, we aim to seamlessly orchestrate this collaboration to provide you with a well-rounded claims management experience.


Navigating the intricate landscape of different types of adjusters is a crucial aspect of the claims process. Whether it’s an independent adjuster providing unbiased assessments, an insurance adjuster representing the carrier’s interests, or a public adjuster advocating for the policyholder, understanding these roles is key to achieving a fair and satisfactory resolution.

At Premier Claims, our mission goes beyond claims management; it’s about empowering you with knowledge. For more insights and assistance tailored to your needs, connect with our team today.

Large Loss Agriculture Hail Claim Settled in 4 Months

RL Wilson Family Farms

Montgomery, Indiana
Hail Damage
May 2022

Before a claim was even filed, our team stepped in, effectively neutralizing any attempts by the insurance carrier to delay or underpay the claim. We carried out inspections of the property, both day and night, and assembled a comprehensive damage estimate for every asset involved. To speed up the process, we transparently shared all our findings with the insurance carrier, who initially estimated the claim at $1,892,000 based on our information. Not satisfied, we swiftly countered with precise costs for materials and labor, successfully elevating the settlement to an impressive $2,058,000—all in under 4 months.

Insurance Carrier Offer: $1,892,000

Premier Claims Settlement: $2,058,000 in 4 months



From Only Minor Spot Repairs Approved to $912k Settlement

Deshler Public Schools 

Deshler, Nebraska
Hail Damage
April 2021

At first, the insurance carrier approved only minor spot repairs for the flat part of the roof, amounting to a mere $993. The policyholder felt this was insufficient and reached out to us for assistance. Upon investigating, we discovered hail damage on the flat portion of the roof from an earlier date, as well as a separate incident that accounted for the damage to the metal portion of the roof. Armer with this new evidence, we filed two distinct claims. The result? A staggering final settlement of $912,000 for the policyholder.

Insurance Carrier Offer: Spot Repairs Totaling $993

Premier Claims Settlement: $912,000