Hurricane Post-Recovery

The post-recovery after a hurricane can be a challenging and stressful experience. Understanding damage assessment, contacts, and expectations post-hurricane as a local resident can ease recovery burdens significantly. 

Assessing Hurricane Damage & Mitigation

Prior to the storm, we recommend following a detailed checklist, having your property inspected, and accurately documenting the current condition of the property. (Read Prepare before the storm, Review Your Policy, Tips & Dangers or Mitigation for more information) 

After the storm has passed, your responsibility as a policyholder will be to assess the damages to your property and mitigate further damage. We recommend inspecting the exterior of your property looking for any broken or loose materials. In addition, inspect the interior of your property for water leakage or pooling water. Early connection, detailed documentation of damage, and mitigation strategies are vital for your insurance claim process.

Important Contacts After the Hurricane

In regards to property damage after a hurricane, there is a significant need for mitigation professionals, inspectors, and contractors in the community. Insurance carriers will also experience an increase in call volume and claims coming in from the community. Prior to the storm, we advise having a list of important contact information including your insurance carrier, mitigation companies, contractors, government authorities, medical assistance during a disaster,  and your local Red Cross

Our team is readily available during a hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm, we take over the communication, scheduling, and coordination with your insurance carrier, inspectors, mitigation companies, and contractors. We take the burden of handling the devastating damage from the hurricane so you can have a full focus on your family, health & safety following the storm. 

What to Expect as a Resident

As a resident, you can expect the recovery process to take time. The immediate aftermath of a hurricane can be chaotic and challenging, often requiring a great deal of patience and persistence. Communities will come together to overcome the struggles of power outages, limited access to food and water, as well as the extensive damage to homes, businesses, and natural resources. 

Keep informed about the latest updates and instructions from location authorities to help you navigate the recovery process. The days and weeks following a hurricane may result in delays of power recovery and availability of essential services. It’s important to be prepared to live without essential services for a period of time, and to come together as a community to support one another as you navigate the recovery from the hurricane’s impact.