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Your Policy & Earthquakes

To help you navigate the complex landscape of earthquake insurance, we’ve compiled a list of critical policy aspects to pay attention to. Knowledge is power, and in this case, it may significantly impact the outcome of your claim. Here are some policy features and jargon you might encounter:


Earthquake insurance policies often come with high deductibles, defining the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. Familiarizing yourself with this number can help manage your financial expectations post-earthquake.


Certain damages caused by earthquakes might not be covered by your policy. Such exclusions could range from damage to external structures to losses incurred due to landslides or floods triggered by the quake. It’s crucial to know what’s excluded so you can plan accordingly.

Additional Living Expenses

If your home becomes uninhabitable due to an earthquake, your policy may cover additional living expenses like temporary housing, meals, and transportation. Verifying the inclusion of this provision can offer financial relief in a challenging time.

Personal Property Limit

Insurance policies often have limits on the reimbursement for personal property. Understanding these limits can inform your decision about what to prioritize in your recovery process.

Building Code Upgrades

In the event of a substantial loss, you may be required by local laws to rebuild to new, stricter standards. An ordinance or law endorsement in your policy could cover these costs, making the recovery process less daunting.


Unearthing the Facts

The Why and Where of Earthquakes

The geological mechanisms of earthquakes carry significant implications for policyholders. Understanding the ‘why’ and ‘where’ of earthquakes plays a crucial role in the selection of your insurance policy. Regions along tectonic boundaries, like the U.S. West Coast and the Pacific Ring of Fire, are particularly susceptible to seismic activity, informing the coverage needs of property owners in these areas.

Furthermore, a clear understanding of earthquakes can also guide your actions in the aftermath of such an event, helping you respond effectively and expedite your recovery process. Being well-informed not only equips you to make better insurance choices but also lays the groundwork for a more efficient post-disaster response.

For a more comprehensive exploration of earthquakes, we encourage you to read our recent blog post, “Cracking the Code: The Science and Geography of Earthquakes”. By deepening your understanding, you can approach potential seismic events with greater confidence and preparedness.

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We are dedicated to standing alongside you in times of need. We recognize the challenges that come in the wake of an earthquake and we’re committed to simplifying the recovery process for you. From answering your queries to resolving claim issues, our expert team is equipped to guide you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any questions or concerns. Remember, in the face of adversity, you are not alone — you have a partner committed to your recovery and restoration.

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